It is hard to imagine anything more beautiful than the distant mountains floating in the morning mist south of Lilongwe along M-1. This scene is common at this time of year and there is something that touches the visitor with the feeling they are wild, beautiful, and untamed. 

In a way that is the feeling one has in much of the countryside in part of Sub-Saharan Africa. Even though it is teeming with civilization it still holds that intrigue, that beauty, and that untouched, unspoiled, ambiance. 

Were these mountains near any major city in the U.S. they would be teeming with sub-divisions and high-rise condos. The fact is these mountains are teeming with population. It is just that their homes and lives bend to the curvature of the earth, and they fit the rolling outcroppings of mountain that stream a panoramic view across the landscape. They are as they were 100 years ago.

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