Lilongwe, Malawi … The recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Action for Progress and the Government of Malawi brings cooperation and understanding to a new level as AfP increases its influence and support for the people of Malawi. The signing by officials with the Ministry of Health and AfP bolsters the cooperation between the two groups and creates a stronger image of creditability to the work of AfP and the Malawi Project. For the past 30 years the Malawi Project has donated large numbers of medical supplies and equipment to hospitals nationwide. This fact has not been lost on the government, nor has it been ignored by the people in the hospitals themselves. This Memorandum brings new recognition to this fact.

Some have wondered why the Malawi Project did not register as an NGO in Malawi. This was done purposely because of a firm belief Malawians should be responsible for operations in their own country, and plans called for the establishment of a Malawi governed, sister organization to the Malawi Project to occupy that seat. Power and influence from outside the county have shaped and controlled Malawi’s future for far too long. 

The formation of AfP in 2018 opened the door to a new day, and a relatively new view, in relations between Malawians and those who wish to assist them. This way of carrying out aid assistance offers a far higher degree of accountability and responsibility for the programs. No one knows the local needs, procedures, and pitfalls like the people who live there and have a lifetime of cultural experience.

AfP and the Malawi Project share a unique relationship as equals, and they practice walking side by side, not one ahead of the other. Neither organization imposes its will on the other. It is a unique and very successful program.

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