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The day of the chicken

Lilongwe, Malawi … “It is a very special building, and the workers who built it need special recognition,” Suzi said shortly after its completion. “Let’s plan a special celebration and give everyone a chicken as a reward for their work.”

Suzi’s husband and co-founder of the Malawi Project, Dick Stephens observes, “This is not out of character for the Medical Director for the Malawi Project. It is her nature to care strongly about people, and she often reacts in ways many others fail to consider. This event actually proved to be a great decision on her part, and I watched the excitement on the faces of workers who seldom, if ever, receive special recognition for their work. Of course, the 40 chickens given out at the end of the recognition were also a nice touch, too.”

It was noted during the special ceremony that the resources that will be processed through this building will extend the benefit to the poor throughout the nation. Various items in the areas of agriculture, education and medical assistance were noted and the group applauded as each item was listed. The expressions insured these workers recognized the full impact of what they had just accomplished. More than just a building, they had built a center for hope, promise, and assistance to people who often suffer silently to forces beyond their control.

The building is owned by Action for Progress, a Malawi not-for-profit organization that works side-by-side with the Malawi Project to administer aid programs for the poor throughout the nation.

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