Action for Progress Distribution Hub, Malawi … Ever since TC was securely placed at the northeast corner of the giant warehouse TC (Shipping container # TCNU 8453400), dwarfed by the warehouse and overwhelmed by the attention given to the opening of the long-awaited Malawi-driven Action for Progress distribution center has set quietly waiting its day. With the opening ceremony crowds gone, the last of the food tables removed, and the workers putting the final smoothing touches on the floor and walls the time has come for T.C. and its companion container to go to work and make the warehouse worth its construction.

That morning at 9 AM the doors swung open to reveal mobility units packed like sardines (sorry for that comparison little fishes) in a compressed sardine can! Too, in the far-left corner were a number of additional boxes of schoolbooks, hand tools, and other items that were easily dropped into waiting arms of the security people who were maintaining a security vigil on the warehouse, storage containers, and property.

With the white Action for Progress Toyota backed up to the brown trailer doors four mobility units inched their way down a long ladder and into the back of the vehicle for the short drive around the building, and in through the shipping and receiving door. After unloading into the new warehouse Wilson Tembo and two watchmen quickly put the mobility units together. Shortly thereafter the first of three first-day recipients drove up in her little red car to receive one of the units for a 17-year-old son. (This report will come shortly).

In the meantime, if a door could smile T.C. would have a broad, big grin wrapped across its vertical trailer numbers TCNU 8453400. Now things are moving, and TC is filled all the way to the ceiling with mobility units destined for the needy.

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