It does little good to suggest a person should fish rather than being handed the fish if there are no resources for a fishing pole, line and sinker, bait, and a lake or pond with fish. In many cases, the intense poverty of Malawi makes it impossible to subscribe to more modern methods when they are so poor, that they can’t obtain those things that make the new system possible. 

At the heart of the helping hands of the Malawi Project, and in turn with the distribution efforts of Action for Progress, there is the recognition and a strong focus on providing the resources needed for the Malawians to get on their feet and develop a good measure of independence and success.

For over 30 years the Project has sought donated resources from Western nations to help the nation of Malawi whether it is a new way to plant maize, the development of a school library, equipment for a new department in a hospital, a mobility unit for a child who has lost a leg, or a simple band-aid for a scratch, the Malawi Project, and Action for Progress work together to offer assistance and resources.

During the first 30 years of service and assistance (360 months), the Malawi Project has sent 342 forty-foot shipping containers of supplies. That is nearly 1 full forty-foot container a month every month of its existence. Thank you for making this possible.

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