The Liwuto Primary School was opened in 2013. It is a government sponsored school, located in the central region of Malawi. Enrollment stands at 688 with 366 girls and 322 boys. Like many public schools in Malawi, the lack of resources tops the list of challenges. For example, the school has only 13 desks. This means 675 pupils sit on the dusty floor of the classrooms.

Apart from a lack of furniture, the school faces other challenges such as limited approved textbooks, exercise books, chalk, pens, and other teaching and learning materials. The school has only one house for its teachers. (The Malawi school system and government agencies call for the schools and hospitals to supply housing for the staff). The rest of the teachers rent houses far from the school.

In view of the challenges faced by the school, Action for Progress donated 88 chairs to the pupils of the school. These chairs came to AfP through the Malawi Project and in turn from the Methodist Children’s Home in Lebanon, Indiana. In his remarks upon receipt of the chairs, the headteacher of the school, Mr. Makita Banda, said this is a special gift. We couldn’t thank the donors more. Imagine. We only had 13 desks for standard (grade 8) pupils. The rest were sitting on the floor.”

Commenting on the donation, the Primary School Educational Advisor said this school has become the only one with chairs in the whole zone of more than 30 schools.

Attending the distribution exercise were 27 village heads, Group village heads, members of School committee and parents. They donation was appreciated, and everyone was urged to help take full care of the chairs so they can benefit others in the future. Each chair now has the name of the school on the back for identification.

The school has 12 teachers representing a 1:58 Teacher/ pupil ratio.

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