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Indianapolis, Indiana … Now that is a lot of gloves! Literally, thousands and thousands of medical personnel, first responders, and others in Malawi that need protection from the spread of disease will be helped by contributors who have contributed over 300,000 pairs of gloves.


How does one express appreciation when the deed is so important, and lives are being saved, yet a simple “thank you” does not seem to be nearly enough? There is no way to adequately thank all of our contributors, but please know your giving is deeply appreciated and is offering life-saving value in Africa.


The board of directors for the Malawi Project is deeply indebted to those contributors who answer the call over and over to help one of the poorest nations on earth.


If you missed out on the giving opportunity there is still time. The need in Malawi for gloves is an ongoing one. There is a great SALE going on at Glove America, 100 pair of gloves for only $1.99 plus postage when you buy a case. Get involved and make a difference in the lives of medical personnel in Malawi.

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