In our July 15 story BUY A BLOCK, BUILD A WALL, we incorrectly listed the cost to build the wall around the Action for Progress warehouse as 94 cents per cement block. This was incorrect. To purchase the machine, molds, ship them to Malawi, then obtain the materials, labor, and transportation to get everything on site will cost $ 55,000.00. The number of blocks needed for the protective wall around the distribution center is 18,650. This makes the cost per block $2.95 each, not .94 as reported in the earlier story. We regret any confusion this may have caused. In coming days, we will post the current status of funds being raised, and the shipping status of the machine. The block making machine is completed, and as soon as testing is completed will be on the way to Malawi.

(To purchase the machine and for Action for Progress to carry out the construction of the protective wall will save $11,000.00 from estimates to have a commercial contractor construct the wall. The machine will then be available for future projects and the cost savings that can be realized.)              

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