Labor Sharing is an Everyday Reality

Lilongwe, Malawi … In a land where it takes everyone working together to survive, it is not unusual to see a female tribal chief administering the life of the village, or a group of women carrying water along a dirt path, or women wielding hoes in order to plant and care for a garden. In fact, most of the local residents do not give it a second glance when they see women working alongside men at a work site where heavy lifting is necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the day.


It is no surprise to see a number of women working alongside the men on the construction site of the new distribution hub for Action for Progress. This same “sharing of labor” is seen in the fields where women work alongside their husbands in caring for the land and the gardens, in moving heavy loads from one place to another, and in a number of other aspects of life including leadership in the village, the community, and in the government structure at every level.

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