People walking on both sides of a road

The Need for Bicycles

Lilongwe, Malawi … Imagine your home is well out in the country, away from the city in a small cluster of houses, containing 75 to 150 residents.

Imagine that not one family owns, or has access to a car, truck, bus or other motorized vehicle. 

Imagine your home is 20 miles from the nearest trading center, and that is the nearest place you can make purchases of food or other goods for your family. 

Imagine walking 20 miles to the grocery for food, or to purchase seed, fertilizer, or other items that might come in 50 lb. bags, or large drums.

Imagine falling and breaking a leg and needing immediate care at the nearest health care facility, 20 miles away. There is no ambulance or police to assist you.

Imagine the nearest school is in the trading center, 25 miles away, and you are sa student and must walk to school and back home, morning and night, rain or shine, five days a week all through the school year.

If you are having a hard time imagining these situations you do not live in Malawi. There, these scenes are part of every-day life.

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