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Lilongwe, Malawi … During a recent four-day tour of the central and northern regions of Malawi the board chair for Action for Progress was able to visit a number of the sites currently being assisted through funding, supplies, and expertise from the Malawi Project. In that AfP is now overseeing and assisting these sites and their agricultural, educational and medical programs this trip gave the Chairman, Mr. Chester Kabinda-Mbewe, the opportunity to see first-hand the various assistance programs, and to talk with various community, tribal and church leaders who are leading these various efforts. This initial fact-finding trip focused on the agricultural programs, and grain storage warehouses completed over the past year.


The board chair and Wilson Tembo, the Executive Director, left Lilongwe on Monday and visited the Mponda site in Dowa Hills where Joseph Project 1 is located. A warm reception greeted them and the Committee Chairperson highlighted the project’s background and current situation. The shortage of water in the area was noted, and the need for additional water pumps was suggested, along with additional fertilizer in order to increase crop production. At the conclusion of the visit, it was noted the community is looking forward to a continued work relationship with AfP.


The next day the two men reached Chandiwo Village and Joseph Project 2. This project is being carried out through the efforts of 18 churches in the area. As with Project 1, the Committee Chairperson briefed the men on their progress, an again the need for fertilizers to increase crop production was noted.


On Wednesday a visit was made to Mhuju near Mzuzu, the site of Joseph Project 3. Again, the need for fertilizers and a borehole were highlighted, while at the same time it was noted the building constructed for grain storage was well done and being properly cared for.


The following day the two men made their way to Senga Bay where they visited the Parachute Library and Carpentry Skills Development Program. While it was noted the library was in full use it was also observed there is a shortage of books in the area of agriculture, poultry, and the sciences.


Also included on this trip was a visit with 7 of the children being cared for under the KKG program in Dowa and Mzimba. Funds were provided for food, and medical support.


All in all, the trip proved valuable and important in order for Action for Progress to chart their next moves to assist these groups. Attention will be needed for two to three years as each program moves toward success, and motivation will focus on helping the village people to believe in their capabilities.


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