In the picture Robert Gabrielse of Mobility Ministries is seen moving pallets of coffee bags into the manufacturing facility in Demotte, Indiana.

Lafayette, Indiana … Someone has said, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” While they were not considered trash by the management, the burlap bags bringing coffee to the roasting facilities of Copper Moon Coffee in Lafayette, Indiana were piling up with no place to go and no further purchase to serve. Literally thousands of them could find no further purpose after traveling sometimes halfway around the world to bring coffee beans from Asia, Africa, and South America to the mid-west facility.

  The opportunity arose for Copper Moon to donate the bags to the Malawi Project. In turn they would be packed around the mobility units being boxed at Mobility Ministries in Demotte, Indiana. Reaching Malawi and being removed from the boxes they would be distributed to the farmers in the Joseph Projects for them to store their grain safely in the giant warehouses built to protect the harvest from insects, theft, and decay.

    “It has proven to be a win, win for everyone concerned,” according to Brad Gutwein, CEO of Copper Moon. “It is great to see these burlap bags being re-purposed and put to good use.”

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