MEET Ron Pottberg: Malawi Project BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Ron Pottberg was born and raised in Alamosa, Colorado and later graduated High School in Olathe, Colorado. He is a third-generation Coloradoan with both sets of grandparents homesteading in Colorado.  Ron and his wife Susan married in 1977 and have three children and eleven grandchildren.  They have lived and worked in ministry in Colorado, Texas and South Africa where they served as missionaries for eight years.   Ron’s travels have taken him to over fifty countries around the world.  He continues to work and minister each year in ten to sixteen countries, serving as the International Representative for the World Bible School ministry.  

Ron has served on the World Bible School Board for many years, as well as the Restoration Bible School Board, Jonestown, Liberia from 2014 to the current. He has also served on the Safe Home Children’s Home Board in Flehla, Liberia since 2005, and as consultant for Agriculture outreach in Mzuzu, Malawi since 2003, as well as projects in Malawi’s Southern Region. A family mission work, Alpha Mission Project, has agriculture and community outreach projects in numerous countries for more than 20 years. Ron serves as a consultant for Orphans Life Line International from 2016 to the present, and currently serves as minister for the Thunder Mountain Church of Christ in Delta, Colorado.  

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