Lilongwe, Malawi … The foundation has been formed, the upright pillars put in place, and the steel crossbeams have been welded together. The structure looks bigger and bigger as it begins to take shape with its vast footprint securely planted in Malawi soil. Action for Progress will soon be ready to begin processing shipment after shipment of medical aid to Malawi government hospitals, healthcare centers, and village and first responder first aid needs. Agriculture programs will move forward, and schools will begin received hundreds of textbooks, pens, pencils, paper, and other needed supplies. Churches will receive Bibles and other Christian literature, and ministers and church leaders will begin distributing these nationwide.

But wait … there is one thing remaining before the programs can make this Distribution Hub their home. The walls must go up, one block at a time, 18,000 blocks in all. 18,000! That is a lot of blocks, but then again, this is a lot of building.

You can help complete this task by sending the money to pay for making, shipping, and installing one or more blocks. Just $5.00 will cover the cost of two cement blocks. Why not send in a check or an electronic purchase for a number of blocks for this distribution center?

Make your check payable to: Malawi Project, 3314 Van Tassel Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240, and mark it “Cement Blocks”, or program an electronic contribution at:

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