For many young people life can seem quite unfair. The poverty of the village, lack of educational opportunities, ill heath, and the loss of immediate family members place many children in a disadvantage that few can ever overcome. For many these problems will never be overcome and they will live out their lives in abject proverty. Many of them will die far too soon. Hopelessness and pain will be the only victors.

Less Than Promising Future

Doress Sekerani is a 13-year old girl from a tiny remote Malawi village where there is little opportunity. In fact her life incorporates all of these difficulties. Because of the loss of her parents Doress was living with her 75-year-old grandmother Esmy Johns. Poverty, hopelessness, misery and discomfort offered her a bleak and foreboding future.

Twelve months ago her plight was brought to the attention of Wilson Tembo of the Malawi Project. He recommended Doress as a candidate for a program sponsored by Kinder Kanker Genezing (KKG), a German companion organization of World Emergency Relief. In recent years KKG programs have sponsored a number of deserving Malawi children for financial assistance in order to bring them out of poverty, and to help them lead healthy and prosperous lives. When Tembo met Doress for the first time her health was not good, and her future was not promising. However, KKG and Tembo voted their confidence in her future with funds, encouragement, and guidance.

Things Looking Up

This assistance quickly brought her better healthcare, improved diet and new nutritional opportunities. Additionally KKG gave funding to the family to start a small vegetable market so funds would be available for Doress in the future. Part of the proceeds go to the creation of an additional opportunity; an animal husbandry business with goats and chickens that will also contribute to Doress’ future support.

Doress is one of 12 children sponsored by the KKG program designed to give Malawi children the opportunity to escape what could otherwise be a future of hopelessness, converting it into a future of hope and joy.