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Men unloading supplies from a truck in the rain

Lilongwe, Malawi … Imagine having to carry a trailer load of boxes totaling 39,000 pounds through the mud. Then imagine doing it in less than 2 hours. Thirty-Nine Thousand pounds is the total weight in many of the shipping containers going to Malawi. Two hours is the length of time the shipping firm allows for us to unload the trailer without adding additional fees.

“Why don’t they just drive up to the building and unload on the dock,” you ask? Because it is now the rainy season and trucks cannot drive the short distance from the road to the Action for Progress warehouse distribution site. Why? Because the gravel drive from the road to the dock has not been completed. “Why not,” you ask? Approximately $8,500.00 in funding is still needed to connect the driveway to the building.

In the torrential rains of central Africa trying to traverse the distance to the building from the road, with a load of 125 lbs. or more on your back is difficult at the least, and dangerous to your person for another. Funds to complete this driveway are needed. Please respond via check, money order, or program your contribution via

(The picture shows a truck being unloaded this past year in order to get the supplies to the warehouse during the rainy season.)

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