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A Personal Note from Me to You

I’m Mama Suzi in Malawi, but you may just call me Suzi Stephens. I rarely write on site – It’s Dicks thing. He does it so well I’m not needed. However, this situation is different from ever before and I am compelled to write. Dick and I have worked in Malawi for 27 years, and we are now so close to meeting our initial dream of turning everything over to Malawians to decide what supplies are needed and who will receive them. Our dream will come true and a reality when the distribution and office building is finished and in a working condition. Cross-culture mission work is an enormously complicated job and needs sharp focus to even communicate with the people. I admit I have had my share of “Suzi Blunders” over the years. Most are hilarious but some could have been quite serious. Like when speaking to a thousand Malawi women. Well, maybe over 500, but it felt like a whole stadium! I was telling them I liked their Malawi tea and would be taking much home with me to give to my friends. I used the word “Chomba” instead of “Chombe.” The correct word for tea is Chombe, the word I used was the word for Marijuana, “Chomba”.  It could have been a disaster, but the Malawians gave me grace, then and over and over again. I learned to laugh at myself very early on, and have fond memories, not embarrassing remembrances.


To American’s, our new distribution site is a very important building, but to Malawians, it means acceptance, trust, equality, and belief in themselves. Same word, “building”, but completely different meaning. Our job of building them up and giving them supplies and the opportunity to shine is now.  We are so close to having the money to finish the building. I am begging you to donate $30,00 or more in the next 30 days and partner with us to not give “things” but to give dignity and self-esteem to the people we have grown to love as family.

Thank you, Suzi.

Giving to help make  this a reality is as easy as clicking here:

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